Our Faith

Holy Family is a welcoming Catholic community that cultivates a faith-filled environment where we seek to bring God to life in each other.

Holy Family is a community-based Catholic school where we celebrate our faith as we work together. We work in partnership with our parish to create a safe, faith-filled school environment where we respect all faiths, cultures and backgrounds. We model Gospel values in our interactions with each other, in keeping with our Catholic tradition.

Our students are involved in activities that deepen their understanding of the Catholic faith such as daily prayer, special liturgies and religious celebrations. Religious Education is a core Key Learning Area. Click here to learn more about Religious Education (link to RE section of Curriculum page)

The key characteristics of our faith community include:

  • To all, whatever their beliefs, Christ is proposed as the model of human life. All are welcome in our community
  • We are concerned with the care, and total formation of each student as an individual
  • Catholic education is world-affirming and promotes dialogue between faith and culture
  • We are concerned with the ways in which students will make use of their faith development in the service of others, both now and in the future
  • Our school does all it can to make Catholic education available to everyone, including the poor and the disadvantaged
  • Our school is a part of the mission of the church in spreading Christ’s message
  • The intellectual formation of each student is paramount and includes a growing ability to reason reflectively, logically, and critically
  • Our approach to education is collaborative in nature and seeks to promote ‘excellence’ within our community.



Holy Family teaches students to look after each other and their world

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